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Geneva Financial: Privacy Policy - We Will Protect Your Information

At Geneva Auto Finance, your privacy and the integrity of your personal information are our top priorities. We go above and beyond to secure your personal data. It’s one more reason to feel comfortable doing business with us.

Privacy Policy

Geneva Auto Finance's Privacy Policy helps assure that our clients and visitors receive quality services with high integrity. The Policy describes how we collect, store, and use information about visitors to the Geneva Auto Finance website. It will be periodically assessed as new technologies are developed and when business practices or clients' needs change. When necessary, we will modify our Privacy Policy to reflect legal, technological and other developments. When modifications occur, they will appear in this policy statement.

Geneva Auto Finance is committed to using all reasonable efforts to abide by the following Policy statement: Collection.

Personally-Identifiable information will be collected only to the extent that Geneva Auto Finance deems reasonably necessary to serve a legitimate business purpose. Notification.

Visitors will be notified (usually at the point where personally-identifiable information is collected) about how Geneva Auto Finance may use the personally-identifiable information that is collected from them. Sensitive Data.

The collection, storage and use of sensitive data carries special obligations and responsibilities in order to maintain the data's security, integrity and privacy. Sensitive data will not be rented or made available for external distribution outside Geneva Auto Finance or any of its affiliated or subsidiary operations, as applicable.